Meet The Team


Luke Cameron

Head Coach

Luke is a friendly and energetic Level 3 personal trainer with 14 years experience in physical training. Having served in the armed forces, Luke has experience in a variety of different training disciplines, from military fitness to bodybuilding and more recently brazilian jiu jitsu.

Whether you're looking to build muscle, lose fat and tone up or improve your performance for a specific sport, Luke will go above and beyond to ensure your goals are reached quickly and efficiently whilst keeping sessions fun and enjoyable!

Joe Bartlett


Joe has been in and around the sports and fitness industry all his life, mostly competing and achieving honours in football and boxing. A keen athlete since young Joe has challenged himself in many sports and training disciplines. -

As a PT, Joe prides himself on being firm but supportive and enthusiastic. He likes to break down the fundamentals of fitness whilst educating, inspiring and motivating all simultaneously.

Joe shares the PRFRM ethos, believing in not only getting clients the results they want but making sure they feel a sense of achievement and leave every workout feeling AMAZING.

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Moira Elli


With years of experience in different fitness disciplines from bodybuilding to crossfit to gymnastics - Moira continuously works hard to develop her skills.  Understanding how fitness can build true physical and mental strength, Moira loves helping her clients feel the same way too. Her personal experience of shifting to a healthier lifestyle means she understands first hand the struggle as well as the necessary steps to making a real change for the better.


As a coach, Moira’s goal is helping people feel strong and empowered. Her coaching style is firm & friendly, keeping 100% of the spotlight on the client at ALL times.